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Product Photography

Product Photography

These galleries show some of our product photography.

We are expert at all aspects of lighting design and can photograph the most difficult subjects.

Studio Work

Platforms like Amazon have strict guidelines for how photography is to be presented on their sites. We know Amazon’s photography rules and work with Amazon resellers to prepare their images to the highest standard.

We can shoot and prepare images to suit any platform.

Lifestyle Photography and Location Photography

We\’re happy to shoot wherever the subject happens to be.

Alternatively, you might need to shoot a subject in context where a studio wouldn\’t give the best impression. We can find the right location for your shot.

Interiors Photography

If you\’re involved in:

[themify_col grid=\”2-1 first\”]

  • architecture
  • building
  • interior design
  • electrical installation[/themify_col] [themify_col grid=\”2-1\”]
  • decorating
  • refurbishment
  • cleaning
  • decluttering[/themify_col]

or any of many similar trades and professions, then high quality photographs of the finished results (or before and after comparisons) are at least as valuable as a trusted referral. 

We can shoot something special for the front of your next brochure.